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Timeless castles. One of my favourite subjects for photography.

Next to being a professional photographer, I also might be a bit of a castlephile. If that is even a thing. Over the years, I developed a soft spot for old castles in stunning places. It always makes me a bit sad when I find out that a great-looking castle is surrounded by ugly houses or modern commercial buildings.

No matter how impressive the castle itself may be, it immediately spoils the authentic castle vibe. However, there are still some examples where over the past centuries, little has changed and it almost feels like you are a time-traveler. These are the ones that made it onto my 'Timeless castles' list. There are many more left to collect, but here are my favorites:

Oh... and before I forget, you"ll find a link to the Google Maps list including all the castles in the article at the end of this page.

Beautiful Tarasp castle during a cotton candy sky sunset

Chateau de Miolans. Believe it or not but this used to be a prison!

A misty morning at Schloss Raesfeld in Münsterland (Germany)

Impressive Moszna Zamek in Poland. Scaffolding? Yes. No water in the pond? Sadly, yes. Still beautiful? totally!

Burg Bentheim during a colourful summer sunset

Burg Bentheim under a fresh layer of snow

Schloss Hohenwerfen in Austria. The famous movie 'Where eagles dare' was filmed here.

Chateau de Pierrefonds in France. It took a 300 km detour and a short sleep in the car to get here before sunrise.. I'd say it was worth it.

Schloss Altena (Nordrhein-Westfalen) in Winter-disguise
Beautifully located castle Wernigerode in the Harz mountains

Foggy sunrise at Castle Wernigerode after an epic 4 hour drive

Castello d'Arco is located on a very steep rock near lake Garda (Italy)

Worl famous Mont Saint Michel. It might be a church I suppose?

Chateau de Menthon-Saint-Bernard. Doesn't get more Disney than this one

Burg Hohenzollern during sunset. Shot from the Zellerhorn viewing point.
Burg Hohenzollern during sunrise. You might see some fog in the valley when you are lucky
The Wartburg in Thuringhia. It's where Luther secretly translated the New Testament to German.
Wartburg castle during sunset from the classic viewpoint.
Schloss Nordkirchen. Also referred to as the 'Versailles of the North'

"Mad King Castle' Neuschwanstein. Shot from the Mariënbrucke.

Neuschwanstein from an alternative angle. (It took a cable car ride)

Classic view on Schloss Heidelberg (From the Philosophenweg)

Schloss Heidelberg overlooking the historical city centre (Where I went to get some coffee minutes after this photo)

Only minutes away from my place of birth, I spent many hours wandering around Twickel estate.

There are many beautiful castles to choose from in the Loire valley. I chose Chateau de Sully

Chateau de Suscinio. You can find this beauty on the South coast of Brittany (France)

If you are planning to visit Eltz castle, make sure you go early and during weekdays. Worth it!

Here's the link to my Google Maps list "Timeless castles"


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